Import: Shapefiles, KML, and others

Surety® Pro allows users to import Shapefiles and KML files to use as Client Borders and also allows the import of polygon, line and point files as Custom Layers. Other Formats supported: GDB, GML, DXF, JSON and GeoJSON.


Import Borders

Borders may be imported as a shapefile or Google® based KML format and saved to the appropriate Client. The fieldname, farm name and acres attributes can be imported if applicable. You can create a farm name or use an existing farm name when saving your border, but a farm name does not need to be assigned. See the following, Save Borders, for more information. Fieldname only is included in the KML file.


Import Custom Layers

A shapefile or Google® based KML format may be imported in to Surety® Pro as a custom layer. These custom layers may be made available at the Company, Location or Client only level. These layers, unlike the Borders layer, can have layer properties set and changed at any time. See also Custom Layering and Styling.