Custom Layers and Styling

Surety® Pro gives you the ability to add your own custom layers to the interface. These custom layers can be unique point, line or polygon layers and use the existing maps or customized forms. Data can be added to these custom layers and these custom layers can be styled and labeled.


Importing a Custom Layer

Using the Custom Layer Import tool in Surety® Pro, you can import a custom layer in several formats, most notably Shapefile and KML. These custom layers may be made available at the Company, Location or Client only level. When importing a custom layer, a custom data entry form is created for you based on attributes selected from the imported layer.


Adding New Features

You can add new features to a custom layer with the use of the drawing/select tools and the custom layers data entry form. If you are not importing a custom layer and need a custom data form for data entry, you can request one be created for you.


Custom Symbology and Labeling

A custom layer can have its layer properties edited, this includes Symbology and Labels.

Under Symbology, change layer coloring for an entire layer or use Color By to set individual colors based on an attribute and under Labels, set label text color, label position and attributes to display.