Our Company

Our Mission

To provide customizable mapping technologies for the benefit of our clients.


David Hagert of Grand Forks, North Dakota founded AgriData, Inc. in 1991 with a goal of providing the ag industry an avenue to utilize the budding technology of electronic mapping for their benefit. AgriData, Inc. began by providing field record keeping software along with precision ag services which included analyzing yield maps and satellite imagery and providing VRT services. David also had ideas on how to improve communication with crop insurance, custom application, and the farmland appraisal process based on his firsthand experience of being farmer. In the late 90’s, AgriData, Inc. developed a mapping system for crop insurance companies to document and recall policy information in a geospatial mapping interface. This product later became Surety® Customized Online Mapping or also known as simply, Surety®. Building off what they had already established with the insurance companies, AgriData, Inc. in 2004 began releasing features for other ag Industries as well.

Surety® focused on providing a straightforward mapping experience that was easy to use yet still contained a variety of valuable land data that when using typical methods would require a substantial amount of time and effort to compile. Surety® not only saved time, it ensured accuracy of the mapped areas, consistency between different maps, as well as increased the professionalism of the way the maps looked. Soon other agribusinesses found the value within Surety®. Ag applicators, financial institutions, real estate agents, farmers, seed salesman, and more all began using Surety® Customized Online Mapping and found many valuable resources within it. This diversity of clientele helped shape the product into what it is today.

In April of 2012, AgriData, Inc. expanded its offerings by releasing Surety® Pro, a more advanced mapping software system sold as an upgrade to Surety®. Surety® Pro is an ambitious software development that uses maps as its backbone and enables the mapper to save information geospatially within a personal or company account. With the release of the unprecedented Forms Designer a year later, Surety® Pro became a tremendous tool for anyone, not just those within the ag industry, to store and retrieve their geospatial information and data. By allowing clients to save their own custom setup of information, Surety® Pro becomes something uniquely valuable to each company or individual utilizing it.

Looking Forward

AgriData, Inc. continues to push the limits of the Surety® and Surety® Pro products and loves providing solutions to anyone with a need for a great mapping software. Our dedication to the fulfillment of our clients' needs as well as our love for mapping spills over into the products that we offer. The main focus of AgriData, Inc. for the near future is to continually expand Surety® Pro’s intuitiveness and adaptability so it can quickly and easily be molded and optimized to any need. Integration between different specialty products is a major need in most industries; the compatibility with others is an extremely huge benefit for all involved. The value of mapping in business is increasing every day. We look to help businesses become productive, accurate, informed, organized, and flexible in their mapping duties and abilities. AgriData, Inc. strives to become the elite company for mapping technologies no matter the industry.

We are immensely fortunate and grateful to have superb relationships with the people that we serve and look forward to many more years of providing a valuable asset to current and future clients.

Thank You!

- The AgriData, Inc. Team