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Raise Your ROI by Using the Premier Online Land Mapping Software, Surety®

The introduction of GIS mapping for lending institutions and like professionals has changed the landscape in how you do business and influence the decisions that are made. It affords you a means towards a simple modernization tool to use that you can become adept with little effort, yet one that is supremely packed with land knowledge as well as providing you with a visual document to include with the portfolios.

As new land information is learned and understood as well as additional land material, we keep you abreast of the latest in soils, crop history, topographical, FEMA (*Where Available), latest imagery and previous years raster imagery that you can use to see any anomalies e.g. such as consistently wet areas or areas with low vegetation.

A Small Investment that Provides a Big Return

Whether you are providing short term farm operating loans or long term financing for Ag and urban development, our geographic information science mapping software brings you the convenience of having an insightful graphical data representation to analyze for reducing environmental liabilities and to avert costly land attribute oversights by using the topographical map for land contouring, FEMA information (*Where Available), and soils maps for crop field productivity output, soil type permeability, foundation limits and water table depth for example.

During your ground truthing for operating loans, investment property, insurance and land financing, the system is highly flexible and customizable, allowing you to track land features and record information in a way that meets your needs, such as mines, wells, building structures or the storage of cash crops.

Mapping is also a great means for insightful market segment visualization that can be used to identify possible expansion areas for a service and/or product for example. All of the above can then be used for a complete client management portfolio.

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