Web Services

AgriData Inc. offers WMS access to various mapping layers within our system. Clients with a current subscription to Surety® or Surety® Pro can access the following layers through our WMS services.

  • FSA Field Borders (May 2008)
  • Soils
  • Township, Range and Section Boundaries
  • Township Names
  • Latest available NAIP Imagery

We also offer restful data API’s to return items, such as the coordinates for a section-township-range or the county and township name for the supplied coordinate. Visit our API Help Page for more information.

To access our Web Services, you will need to have either an Active Account or a Trial Account to Surety® or Surety® Pro. Pricing is based on the amount of usage. Contact Us today for more details.

Integration Services
Integration Services are for those who have none to limited mapping capabilities with their current system. Within your system, users can access Surety® and return a shapefile, kml, jpeg or other file formats to another system. This service is available as either a Login Service where the user has their own Surety® account or on a Pay-per-Map basis. For more information on the Login Service, Click Here.

Contact Us today for the Pay-per-Map service details or for more information.