Soil Report Options

When working with the Soils information within Surety® and Surety® Pro, options are included for customization of the soil report and soil productivity legends within those reports. Accessible through the Tools -> Options menu, the user is given the ability to change which soil properties are available on the report and change the color legend in the report to reflect the productivity ranges of the soils within the area of interest. Understanding the Surety Soils Map Report.

soil report custom

Soil Report Customization

The Soils Report Options page allows the user to set options for items displayed on a soils report. You can set Crop Yields, Soil Features, National Commodity Crop Productivity Index (NCCPI) attributes, Illinois Bulletin 811 crop productivity index and the Iowa ISPAID CSR2 data.

soil report custom

Soil Color Options

Soil Color Option allows the user to edit the color legend associated primarily with a productivity index on the soils report map. One legend is used for each report and the color and range can be customized for each legend enabled.