Locating Property

Locating an AOI [Area of Interest] can be achieved via a means of six methods or a combination thereof, thus of which includes four [4] with the use of your mouse and five [5] using one of our advanced search methods. It is also advantageous to use the Land Reference Resource Intelligence layers, such as roads or quarter sections in combination of using the search mediums. 

General Area Searches

In some cases, you may only have directions to a piece of property. You can apply that information along with using the points of reference or landmark layers that were mentioned above i.e. roads that of which will guide your navigation to your destination. Searching using your mouse for general area searches of which you can use at any map extent. The four ways to zoom with your mouse are named accordingly: Point and Click, Scroll Wheel, Controlled Zoom and a Miles Zoom. Sometimes, you may even want to use a mouse zoom for more of a specific view of the land too.

Farmland Location Search

Farm land in particular will not neccessarily be accompanied with a physical address, often times it is a supplied with a description . Being able to aid in these unique searches is really favorable to arrive swiftly at the correct tract. Namely a "Legal" or legal description search is really designed for rural property searches. This is followed by a Township search  and then there is Latitude and Longitude.

Naturally, an Address search, including a physical address search that will also accept entries for parishes and districts in lieu of counties and townships. Lastly, a specialty search for Texas that is called Texas Blocks.