Form Manager

Surety® Pro’s Form Manager is used to manage all Forms that have been saved for the Company, Location or Client. It is a convenient way to receive, review and schedule work orders and manage your workflow.


Form Manager Interface

The Form Manager interface allows access to all forms either selected by individual filters or by selection on the map interface.


Column Management

Set individual columns and their order for each form. Total numerical columns and sort columns ascending and descending.


Form Filters

You can manage by Company, Location or Client and filter forms by crop year and individual form types. Also create custom filters to select saved forms by a host of different attributes.


Working with Selected Forms

You can edit forms directly from the Form Manager; they also can be grouped and selected within Form Manager allowing form data export, printing or, using the Paradigm tool, sent to the Dossier Studio for mark-up and PDF creation. Also, zoom to and view form locations on the map interface.