Deed and Legal Description Instruments

Deeds and/or legal descriptions are a written form of property boundaries and are legal instruments. There are several types used. Lots is a type that would be used for land within city limits, a Blanket or Global deed would be a single entry of a document page(s) that would express all of the land owned and their boundaries for a single entity or owner. 

Metes and Bounds

Then there is a more particular deed that is called Metes and Bounds that originates from England. Metes and bounds is a singular type, that is often used for describing the property borders for rural property. Also exclusive to this type is a selective native style of writing and it is in such a manner that can be complex. They will be delineated in feet, rods, furlongs, curves, concave curves just to name a few measurement examples. 

Deed Studio for Surety® Pro

Deed Studio conversion
This is where the Deed Studio tool comes in to assist. Deed Studio is a add-on tool for Surety® Pro that aids in mapping metes and bounds legal descriptions commonly found in property deeds. The Deed Studio takes the language within these descriptions and converts it into a mapped boundary with nominal effort on your part. Visit our Deed Studio support site to learn more about the Deed Studio features.

Having the appropriate resources to map out property borders is great for not only verifying borders, but also for documentational purposes.