June 26, 2012 AgriData, Inc. Launches Surety Pro

Ag mapping just got an advanced degree. More and more ag professionals everywhere are excited about the powerful new benefits of Surety Pro, and it's easy to see why. While the classic Surety system provides endless opportunities for mapping, reporting and trading information, Surety Pro will build on that with innovative new features.

Surety Pro users will be able to save selected field borders and a history of custom client reports for quick and easy access. They will also be able to create and save information into a perso nal – and private – database within the Surety system for ultimate organization. New information will also be accessible to Surety Pro subscribers, including FEMA Floodways and FEMA Flood Zone information.

In addition, Surety Pro users will be able to maneuver within the maps much faster and even use their scrolling function on their mouse to zoom in and out of the maps. Subscribers will also reap the benefits of being able to import multiple Shape and Satloc files to quickly and accurately create invoices, maps and reports. More new features are being developed and will be released as they are completed.