Ag Mapping Just Got An Advanced Degree

Heare at Agridata, Inc. we offer 2 different mapping packages to fit your company's specific needs.  Compare the features of Surety® and Surety® Pro to determine the right package for your business.

Comparison Guide

7 Day Free Trial 14 Day Free Trial
FSA Field Borders (CLU) with acreage
Latest Color Aerial Imagery (NAIP)
NRCS soil survey data
    CSR, PI, IL. Bulletin 811, NCCPI
Topographical Maps
Robust Drawing Tools
Intuitive Labeling and Symbology tools
Application Forms
    Aerial, Chemical, Fertilizer,
    Seed, Soil Sample, and More
Have us create a Custom Form specific to your needs
FEMA Flood Zones and DFIRM Panels
Hail Probability
Export field boundaries in multiple formats including:
    Shape File, Job File, KML
Search by legal, lat/lon, township name, address
Accessible anywhere with an Internet connection
Personal Customer Support
Import and view As-Applied Log Files including
    SatLoc® and TracMap®
Save boundaries to Clients
Save Forms to a Client
Import and Save Field Boundaries
Import and Save all your SatLoc® and TracMap® log files
Custom Design Forms with the Forms Designer
Color Code, Label, and Filter your saved forms on the map
Order taking on any custom form and work order management
Deed Plotting Tool
Sensitive Crops *Available 2014
Hail Probability Auto Emailer *Available 2014

The Surety® Pro Advantage:

  • Save money – Create and save individual account information into a personal
    and private database within the Surety® system to keep you organized, reducing errors and confusion.
  • Maximize your time – Save selected field borders and a history of custom client reports for quick and easy access, when and where you need them.
  • Increase efficiency – Import boundary Shape files to quickly and accurately create invoices, maps and reports.
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