Ag Mapping Just Got An Advanced Degree

Here at Agridata, Inc. we offer 2 different mapping packages to fit your company's specific needs.  Compare the features of Surety® and Surety® Pro to determine the right package for your business.

Comparison Guide

7 Day Free Trial 14 Day Free Trial
FSA Field Borders (CLU) May of 2008
Latest Color Aerial Imagery (NAIP)
NRCS soil survey data
    CSR/CSR2, Productivity Index,
    IL. Bulletin 811, NCCPI
Topographical Maps
Robust Drawing Tools
Intuitive Labeling and Symbology tools
Application Forms
    Aerial, Chemical, Fertilizer,
    Seed, Soil Sample, and More
Have us create a form specific to your needs
FEMA Flood Zones and DFIRM Panels
Probability of Hail Events for Every 24 hours &
    Yearly Field Hail History
Export field boundaries in multiple formats including:
    Shape File, Job File, KML
FAA Obstructions
Search by legal, lat/lon, township name, address
Accessible anywhere with an Internet connection
Personal Customer Support
Import and view As-Applied Log Files including
    SatLoc® and TracMap®
Sensitive Areas- Organic Fields, Apiaries, etc. *where available
Save Boundaries to Clients
Save Form Data to Clients
Import Point, Line, and Polygon Shapefiles
Import and Save all your SatLoc® and TracMap® log files
Custom Design Forms using the Forms Designer
Color code, Label, and Filter your saved borders on the map
Submit and Receive Work Orders from other Surety® users
Deed Plotting Drawing Tool
Add Your Own Sensitive Areas
Email Notifications of Hail Probability for past 24 hours

The Surety® Pro Advantage:

  • Save money – Create and save individual account information into a personal
    and private database within the Surety® system to keep you organized, reducing errors and confusion.
  • Maximize your time – Save selected field borders and a history of custom client reports for quick and easy access, when and where you need them.
  • Increase efficiency – Import boundary Shape files to quickly and accurately create invoices, maps and reports.
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