Surety® Pro

Surety® Pro takes all of the features and mapping capabilities of Surety® and adds a powerful and customizable data management system to become a complete mapping solution perfect for large and small businesses. One of the core values of this product is the ability to leverage mapping and geospatial data to how you need it to be, giving you the ultimate mapping experience.

Save your boundaries and data forms in Surety® Pro then manage these by client, farm, and/or field. Aggregate all clients' saved form boundaries into a single map to informatively schedule jobs, determine optimal routes for field applications/visits, create and produce comparative sale maps, plus more! Surety® Pro enables the mapper to easily create and save polygons, line, and point boundaries to the map. Polygon, line and point shape files can be imported into Surety® Pro from other programs in order to be stored, displayed, and accessed geospatially on the map from anywhere with an internet connection.

One company's needs can be immensely different than the next which makes customization so integral for software to be beneficial for your business. With Surety® Pro’s versatile Form Designer as well as the forms management system, you can create company specific form layouts to store all the information that would be necessary to fulfill your and your clients' needs. All of this customization provides the flexibility to meet all your business objectives.

Surety® Pro also Offers Access to Plenty More Advanced Mapping Functions.

  • Customize your cartography by modifying the way layers of information are represented on the map by different colors, fill styles and labels.
  • The immensely powerful and unique Plot Deed drawing tool makes quick and accurate work of land descriptions using metes and bounds measurements.
  • Automatic Hail Notifications keep you and your client informed with emails containing specific fields location where hail was possible.
  • The Air Route drawing tool for Aerial Applicators offers an in-cab solution to show the pilot's real-time location and distance to their next waypoints.

Choose your specific industry for more information on how Surety® Pro can optimize your mapping needs.

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