Crop Consultants

Surety® Online Mapping programs are an easy-to-use systems that allow you to communicate with your client to locate and identify areas of needed attention in a customized scouting report. With Surety® programs, soil survey borders can be exported as shape files to help create zones in other GIS precision farming software, and select or custom-create field borders to be exported as shape files for use with GPS/GIS applications and/or print various reports. Surety® programs integrate FSA aerial imagery, field borders and acreage into various other maps and reports.

Sample Printouts


  • FSA field borders (CLU) with acreage
  • Color aerial imagery (NAIP)
  • Maps display latitude/longitude and legal description
  • Export field borders as shape files on a PCMCIA card
  • Export georeferenced aerial images
  • Shape files of soil survey borders
  • Custom drawing tools
  • Custom application report

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