Aerial Applicators

Fly to the correct field, the first time, all the time with Surety®.

Surety® Online Mapping programs assist aerial applicators by using GIS-based data for aerial applications, mapping and record-keeping.  Surety® programs also allow aerial applicators to generate maps using FSA acreage and print aerial maps and application reports that identify application fields and their locations.  Aerial applicators are able to select, or custom-create, field borders that can be exported as shape files onto a PCMCIA card for display on your GPS unit for quick and accurate location of target fields.


  • FSA field borders (CLU) with acreage
  • Color aerial imagery (NAIP)
  • Maps display latitude/longitude and legal description
  • Export field borders as shape files
  • Export georeferenced aerial images
  • Custom drawing tools
  • Custom application report

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